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  The Ottoman Coinage from Tilimsan

Rolf Ehlert / Ertekin Yenisey

    In January 1979 H. Arroyo published „The Ottoman Coinage of Tilimsan“ in the ONS Occasional Paper no. 12. Michael L. Bates delineated more Ottoman coins from Tilimsan in the „The American Numismatic Society” (ANSMN 26, 1981) and provided a funded translation. This compilation will show the coins that are already known up to current time. The inscription and the coins will show the references of prior listings and publications.

Co-mintage of Ziyanid rulers:

 Abu Muhammad Abd-Allah (II) ibn Muhammad (V),

 Abu Abd-Allah Muhammad (VIII) ibn Abd-Allah (II)

 and Suleyman I

  In the publication by H.W. Hazard "Numismatic History of Late Medieval North Africa“ are two coins listed from Tilimsan that show the local rulers and Sultan Suleyman I as the overlord on each of them. However, there are some doubts that these coins are attributable to Sultan Suleyman I, since his father’s name “Selim” has been omitted as well as the “Alef” from Suleyman.

Though, also in existence are vassal coins from Spain which show Carl I as the overlord (see Stephen Album 117/13) during the Spanish occupation.


1)  1 Dinar     Hazard 670. (Page 190) Abd-Allah II with Suleyman I

2)  1 Dinar     Hazard 671  (Page 191) Muhammad VIII with Suleyman I. Hazard defines these coins as „Double Dinar“

The Ottoman Mintage :

Silver and gold coins of Ziyanid standards were minted Tilimsan under the rule of the Ottomans.


The silver coins are known as Nasri. The gold coins were minted as Dinars weighing 4.3 gr. There are also half and quarter dinars. According to the definition by Hazard the denominations would be double dinar, dinar and half dinar.


Sultan Suleyman I „The Magnificient“ (926 – 974 AH)


3)  Nasri

This piece out of the J. Möller's collection has already been published by Ölcer in Bülten 27 on page 4.

4) ¼ Dinar

5)  1/2 Dinar             Tilimsan xxx

            ANS Collection;  ANS PL 32-2

            26 mm ;  2,103 gr.



Tilimsan 926

            ANSCollection;  ANS PL 32-1

            32 mm ;  4,290 gr.


Sultan Selim bin Suleyman I (974 – 982 AH)


7)  1/4 Dinar

            ¼ Dinar of 974 AH was delineated by Ölcer in Volume 9/15

8)  1/2 Dinar

            1/2 Dinar of 980 AH is in a private collection

9)  1 Dinar

            1 Dinar of 974 AH is delineated in Artuk as #1602

            1 Dinar of 980 AH

Translated from German by Burak Cebeci (09/4/2005)                  page-1  page-2