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Suggestions for maplestory

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Suggestions for maplestory

Mesajgönderen Mmoak2018 » Pzt Haz 04, 2018 10:44 am

You need real things to do in the game in addition to that. Only making it take longer to level up does not get people "hooked on coaching". That Maplestory Mesos is what made people stop en masse pre-Big Bang was using not just a horrible EXP curve, but having nothing to do during all of that. Should you nerf EXP gain, you need to give a reason to justify it via other ways from the sport.

There's lots of places to train, and that's actually one of the problems the game has. There are too many areas to be at all of the time, and that makes players stick to one place. Just grinding is simply grinding - gamers need more than that. If they can't have more than just grinding then they will always default to the map which has the most efficient EXP gain and/or is more convenient to get to.

The sport needs more linearity, in fact, with any alternate content that is needing to get incentives you can't get in the first location. Example: Area A gives certain equipment, Area B provides the items that upgrade it. Anything. If your choices are simply "another area to acquire EXP" then it is going to die off. Consistently occurred and will always occur if this continues. At the moment there are too many places than the developers *and * gamers know what to do with.

Back when places like Aliens (which exist, as does LHC and SDH) were pre-nerfed, people never educated outside of these places if they had been at that range due to the absolutely ridiculous amount of EXP they gave over the rest of the places. I don't think you get a fantastic grasp of how these things work to be honest, considering you say that these will get people to go to other areas, but you clearly do not know that it would just perpetuate the issue you're trying to fix. Yeah, it'll get BillyBobXXX to prevent training at -insert hotspot here -, but only because he will migrate into Aliens, remain there for 30 levels, never accepting any EXP lower than that. '

Seeing emptiness on the regular enhances player morale. Constantly encountering not a single person at the same time you progress through the game is very gloomy. I can tough it out because I'm a solo player for the most part, but a lot of players can not stomach that.

Additionally, actually merge the host tabs as well. If you combine servers together, Maplestory items should be just one tab - a single option. Keeping the other tabs just looks cluttered. Case in point: If you merge Bera and Windia, do not keep these tabs on the select page, produce a brand new, singular one instead.
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Kayıt: Pzt Haz 04, 2018 10:31 am

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